Plennyshake without Sucralose?

Hi together,

As Soylent-Ads started popping up all over Youtube, I was looking for an alternative, that I can get in Germany.
I found this page and liked the concept with the powder.
However as I took a look at the ingredients, I noticed you use a sweetener named “Sucralose”.
I quickly googled it, because I’ve heard that sweeteners can be pretty unhealthy or even dangerous.
That are the first results after Wikipedia:
(…) -Only two links allowed ^^ (hoping to post the links as comments)

All these articels are warning of the risks.
Possible consequences (as these articels say) may be:

  • Death of good digestion bacteria
  • Altering body’s insulin production
    -Many direct side effects like headache or stomach pain
    -Higher risk of Leukemia
    -Shrinkage of the thymus gland
    -Enlarged liver and kidneys
    -Atrophy of lymph follicles

I know not all or even any of these consequences must be true.
But I’d rather be save than sorry. Especially with something I consume on a (more or less) daily basis.

Therefore I’d like to ask whether you could imagine adding a version without Sucralose.
May it be with a different sweetener or even with real sugar(Many studies show that even if the sweetener is not unhealthy by it self it encourages us the even eat more sugar. And omitting sugar might be important for your figure, but for people that don’t have a problem with their body sugar is not unhealthy as long as it is not to much). Maybe it is also worth taking a look at Stevia


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Here are two more links:

And the last one:

These are all poor sources. They are websites making claims, not scientifical studies (and if they would quote from them no doubt they are low quality studies). Sucralose is the artificial sweetener that tastes the most like sugar of all the sweeteners. Stevia is not necessarily better or safer and we might only know if there is a big difference 50 years from now. I can understand you wanting to be safe but they are both tested very thoroughly. Stevia being natural is a fallacy. The single most poisonous substance on earth is natural as well. You should really consider getting your facts from somewhere else.

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Many studies show that even if the sweetener is not unhealthy by it self it encourages us the even eat more sugar.

I can tell you from personal experience that, if anything, eating Jimmy Joy actually makes you crave sweet things LESS. I’ve seen other people mention this as well.

New study published this summer regarding some unaccounted effects of sucralose:

Alot of the dangers on sucralose are already being discussed here

Though we have a sucralose-free version, it’s the vegan-neutral. It doesn’t contain a sweetener or aroma. In the updated Plenny Shakes we will still have the neutral version.

<3 Karel