Proof reading after 2 servings of Jimmy joy

seems to have some printing mistakes in your flyer:

  1. stripe in side A, text: “Fill the shaker with 173 gram” instead of “grams”
  2. “…shake untill” (with 2 “L”)
  3. “powder is dissiolved” (for “dissolved”)
  4. side B, list of components, “Managnese” for “Manganese”

i am not a genius, but this is probably the effect of Jimmy Joy on my sight :sunglasses:


Wah! Well seen! Must be the Jimmy Joy indeed :slightly_smiling:.
I’ll pass this on to the team for the next flyers that are made!

Thanks for the feedback.

I noticed some spelling oddities on the Jimmy Joy (vanilla) bags as well. In the Swedish part, Jimmy Joy was spelled wrongly at one point.

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@Xavio thanks for the feedback!
Could you please contact me at with the other mistakes you noticed? It would be much appreciated!!