Returning customer already regretting

I stopped using jimmyjoy a long time ago, best guess would be 5 - 6 years. I decided to return due to a life style change I figured this sort of meal would be ideal.

Sadly it seems like product quality, accountability and quantity of service have all dropped further.

  1. Ordered a starter guide - no starter guide.
  2. Ordered a scoop - no scoop
  3. Message in box saying we are using different oats not as smooth - why not tell me that before paying?
  4. Tear point on bag might as well not exist it’s like a practical joke.
  5. Shaker smells like burnt plastic
  6. Reference information on the bags shows per 100g and per 96g as your instructions say 2 x 96g scoops it is obvious that the per suggested meal would be of far more use to people.

Anyway I reached out to customer service they will get back to me in 2 days…. Meanwhile I have no scales so I can’t start using this as I have no idea how to eyeball 96g of this.

Just annoying.

Hey @Backtogeek!

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We want to take action immediately on this matter but with your username, we cannot allocate your account or message. Please, can you check in with us through live chat again or email us at

Please be aware that because the shakers are packaged as soon as they are manufactured, there may be a scent. This smell will disappear as soon as you wash the shaker. Regarding the instructions, we advise using 2 scoops, totaling 96g of powder (400kcal).


Odd that you cant find it as its the same email address.

Thanks for the fast reply! I will share this information with our customer care team and find a solution for you ASAP.

RE the shaker: It has been through a dishwasher, and it still smells, as I used to work in aviation I would suggest that the reason is due to the high temperatures and it being in the hold, which is basically an oven, so sadly the plastic used may not be stable.
Unless it came by road in which case who knows, manufacturing issue…

I will buy a new one from a local shop.

This is weird and we are very sorry for the experience. We haven’t had this kind of complaint or issue. We’ll keep an eye on this matter and if you want, we can arrange the shipment of another shaker. Let us know on the chat or via email, so our customer care team can help you with this :slight_smile:

It occurred to me that you said wrapped, mine did not come wrapped which is even more concerning to be honest…. Maybe one of you packing staff is missing a shaker? Hahaha