Missing Scoop

My first order finally arrived and I am missing the scoop! Has anyone else has the same issue? Did Jimmy Joy send one out?

Hey @jamoritch! Sorry for the late reply :frowning: please send us an email to love@ jimmyjoy.com mentioning this inconvenience and we will find a solution :smiley:

I’ve got a few plastic scoops, handy for when one is in the dishwasher. Another brand (from Czech Republic) has metal scoops but they are different (smaller size) than the jimmyjoy scoops l. It might be a good idea to add metal scoops to the store.

I prefer metal above plastic at any time because it just cleans and dries better in the dishwasher and would gladly pay for a metal (maybe silver?) scoop. :grin:

Btw: the metal jimmyjoy shaker is my absolute favorite. The shakes just taste better in my opinion. Maybe it is because my plastic shakers have discolored a bit, maybe it’s just psychological, I don’t know but am always happy to mix up a shake with my metal shaker.

To the original poster: if you’re in the Amsterdam area, you can drop by today or tomorrow to pick-up a scoop at my place. I live in centrum. No need to wait for Jimmy to send you a scoop in the mail. Just send me a dm to schedule.

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awesome idea! a metallic scoop pleaaseee