Metal Scoop Size

Are the metal scoops the same size as the plastic ones? My metal scoop arrived yesterday, so I prepared my morning shake with my usual 4 scoops/600ml of water formula (yeah greedy, don’t judge!), as I usually do with the plastic one, but it tasted a bit watery and thin compared to when I do it with the plastic ones. I fill the plastic ones up to the top and shake them to level them out, so I did the same with the metal one, and scooped in just the same way, but I definitely think there is slightly less powder in each scoop? Is this the case or am I just crazy?

You could try filling the metal one and poor the contents into the plastic one :wink:

Great idea, I performed the experiment with water and poured the water from the plastic scoop into the metal one - the metal one overflowed! Pouring from metal to plastic results in a slightly underfilled scoop. So I think the metal scoop is slightly smaller than the plastic one which is odd. I’ll need to “heap” the metal scoop if I want to keep using it which is less precise. I do like the idea of the metal scoop but not sure why they made it smaller- does anyone know?

Thanks for noting this!!

After a follow up internally we indeed found to have been supplied with the incorrect size for these Stainless Steel Scoops. The actual size of the ones you have is 80ml, so it’s already branded the “Stainless Steel Diet Scoop”. :wink:

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.


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Haha, no worries, now I know I am not crazy! Are you planning to get full sized scoops? I know this was potentially a limited time thing

Yes, this was limited edition only. There are no plans I am aware of to add these to the product line, but you can rest assured if they ever will, it will be the correct size :wink:

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