Can we get wooden/steel/biodegradable scoops?

I know, I know you are already trying your best regarding sustainable packaging and I think we all appreciate that a lot.
But after reading your article on it I couldn’t help but notice that there was not really a good reason given to use plastic for the scoops. I’m sure there is one, and I’d love to know about it. Yes, yes, recyclable is cool, but less plastic is even more so.

I read of rumors about a steel scoop somewhere here in the forum too. What’s that about? Did I miss something?

Looks like the new starterpack version contain steel scoops. Amazing.

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You can also get the stainless scoop with Time Tokens in our rewards program :slight_smile:

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Was the size fixed tho?

Fair point and you scared me for a second so I checked it right away. They are now 90cc’s as the plastic scoop is.

Thats great. Please offer in the US. I travel alot and people ask me about my other beaker, different company. I would like to support you but the current plastic beaker does not have a carry loop.

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We will offer it in the US as well, there is just no date set for it at the moment that I can confirm yet, sorry!