A new addition to our Starter Box!

We’ve updated the Starter Box!
Forget what you thought you knew. Starting now, the Starter Box contains:

:white_check_mark: Your custom selection of 36 Plenny meals
:white_check_mark: A free Jimmy Joy Starter Guide with tips, tricks, and dope recipes
:white_check_mark: A free 6-pack of Plenny Pots (while supplies last!)
:white_check_mark: Free Jimmy Joy stickers
:white_check_mark: Free shipping*
:white_check_mark: And the kicker: a free stainless steel shaker and scoop!

So no more T-shirt? :pleading_face:
We swapped the Jimmy Joy T-shirt in the Starter Box with these gorgeous, high-quality stainless steel shaker and scoop. They’re extremely long-lasting and a gosh darn treat to have around the house!

Oh, and PS: T-shirts are still available as a reward!

*Benelux, the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland.