Question about Plenny Shake Big Bag

Hi there! I’m a big fan of Plenny Shake, and I was thinking about preordering the Big Bag, buy I just had one question: how many bags fit in one box? I live in Japan, so I like to order in bulk to minimize shipping cost per bag, which means getting as close to the 20 kg limit as possible in one box. The shipping page lists 30 bags as a guideline, but I assume that doesn’t apply to the big size haha! Any help is appreciated!

(And just for future reference, could you tell me how many Sport bags fit in one box, too? If it’s not too much trouble :slight_smile:)

Hi mcjon01,

Thanks for your question!
Great that you are bulk ordering to save on shipping costs.

We will. indeed, still work with the 20 kg limit. Although we don’t 100% know how many bags there will fit in one box the density of the bags is high (more powder than bag = less air = more space). Therefore I think that it will be easiest to take the 20 kg and divide it by the weight of the bags. So 20 kg / 2,3 = 8,7. That means that we can ship a maximum of 8 bags per box. You can, of course, fill up the 1,6 kg with other products of your liking.

Active: 30 bags is the max.

TLDR: 8 big bags or 30 Active bags can be shipped in one box.

Let me know if you’ve any other questions!