Weight of Plenny Shake bags and other items


Could you please provide information of weight per bag to the product pages and/or indicate the current weight in the store cart for all products.

It’s very frustrating having to click back and forth a whole lot in order to maximise what can be delivered within the shipping weight limits.

At least give this information as a reply to this topic. Thanks.

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Is this what you’re looking for? (I’ve included uncropped screenshot so that it’s visible where the page is located)


Thanks for posting this @Helmer and as you can see from the reply of @pogloschenie, they are offered :wink:
If you are ever left with anything being uncertain about the order, please fee free to check in with us through the Live Chat on the website or via love@jimmyjoy.com, we will gladly assist.

Thanks for jumping in @pogloschenie :green_heart:

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Thanks for the replies here.

I was looking at that page actually. For some reason I couldn’t find Norway in the list, but I see it’s there, so I probably just missed it that day. But thus I didn’t choose a country so I wasn’t shown the weight information.

I would suggest that the weight information is available on the page without having to choose a country. That would also likely improve the likelihood of finding this information by searching/improve the SEO of that page a bit. I tried to search for jimmy joy weight, plenny shake weight etc. but that just gives a lot of weight loss-questions. I think I also tried shipping weight, which also led me to that page, but it isn’t immediately obvious one has to choose a country to get the information about the weight of the products.

Hope you can make this information more easily available, without having to choose a country in a dropdown. Thanks


That’s a fair point and thank you very much for your suggestion. I have forwarded this for options to our developers and they will be looking into this for us. I very much hope we can offer the experience you describe for the future.