SULFUR 49% RDI. Is this enough? Maybe just a typo?

I just read up to the end the nutrients list. It says SULFUR 49% RDI. I am wondering if the information is right. Am I getting only half of my necessities of a fundamental nutrient through jimmyjoy-plennyshake?

Have a cup of coffee?

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Sorry for the late response to this! We follow the European RDI which actually has no RDI for Sulfur. In other words: It’s a mistake on our nutrients list and will be deleted.

Whey Protein has two SAA’s (sulfur-containing amino acids) - Methionine and Cysteine. From what I recall, it’s essentially impossible to be deficient in sulfur while having an adequate protein intake!

What is that supposed to mean? If it didn’t have enough protein would you say stuff like "eat an egg"too?

It means that a cup of decent coffee contains sulphur, and two cups a day will pretty much sort you out.

That’s what that’s supposed to mean. No need to get all butthurt.

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I’m not butthurt but when someone is taking a product that is supposed to be nutritionally complete it’s not up to the customer to go fix any imbalances. And it certainly wasn’t an answer to his/her question (so who is rude here?). Not everyone likes coffee and some people can’t have coffee for medical reasons on top of that.