Thank you, Jimmy Joy! (A message from Scribbs)

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Some of you might’ve guessed it already, but I’ve been an intern at Jimmy Joy since the end of November. I’ve tried to keep the fact that I was working for Jimmy Joy a bit low-profile on the forums, as I didn’t want people quoting me on things that I’ve ‘just’ heard of, but weren’t really in up in my alley (I wanted to be free to write whatever I wanted, not always something that was ‘official’). Anyway. Today, my time as a Jimmy Joy intern has come to an end. In the upcoming years, I will finish my current studies as a software developer, and probably finish the university (Artificial Intelligence) as well. This does not mean, however, that I will quit being active on these forums. I’ve met quite some friendly people on these forums, just like I’ve met quite some friendly colleagues at Jimmy Joy. Jimmy Joy is an awesome company to work for: its employees are very open-minded, work really hard and really live for what they do. At this moment, I consider myself a friend of the company, and I’m sure I’ll take the train (unfortunately, taking a domestic flight is not possible in The Netherlands) to Amsterdam on Fridays to come and join them for a beer.

To Jimmy Joy:
I wish you all the best. I really hope that you, as a company, will achieve all the amazing things you’ve got planned for yourselves and your customers. Some things might be a bit ambitious, but where’d the world be without ambition, right? As for my colleagues: you were the best, and I’m really going to miss you. The kindness, understanding and many other positive things you’ve shown me in the last four months have been almost overwhelming.

To everybody else:
I will stay on the forums as a Joykeeper, but I probably won’t be able to stay just as active as I’ve been recently. This means, that there is need for another Joykeeper. I think you can estimate for yourself if you’re in my list of ‘potential people that can be the next new Joykeeper’ (not necessarily the mentions above), and if you think you are, you can always send me a PM to chat a bit about that.


Scribbs, thanks for attaching me in this message. While we never met in person, you seem very friendly and out going! Good luck with your studies, and if you can be there to stop Judgement Day, please do so! (terminator reference)

I am sure the Jimmy Joy team appreciates all the hard work you’ve done for them.

The invite to become a Joykeeper sounds interesting, between keeping up with The One Year Meal Replacement Experiment, school and spending time with my Fiancee I am a bit short on free time.

In turn I would like to nominate Truck, from what I seen his posts have always been very knowledgeable and timely.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

Lee Primeau

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That AI study sounds awesome! I hope it works out for you and of course our future. Everything that makes the future better is awesome.

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Thanks for all, @TheYsconator.

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