What are the amounts of Creatine, Choline, and EPA-DHA in Active?

What are the amounts of Creatine, Choline, and EPA-DHA in Active?

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There is no Creatine neither Choline in the Active.

We are unable to determine the exact amounts of EPA and DHA, but you can consider that depending on the flavor, the omega amounts per portion are around: 1.12g for Omega 3 and 4.33g for Omega 6.

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Are there plans to add Choline? From what I understand, this is very important for women of childbearing age. This product is already not friendly for many women because we would only be able to eat 4 servings on rest days to meet our energy needs (1600) without gaining weight. For instance, I would need to jog an hour to be hungry enough to eat the 5 servings needed for adequate nutrition. Even the average American woman, who is overweight, would only need 1800. The average American (sorry for using US examples!) man would only need 2000. Women having to supplement, as @Tim suggested, defeats the idea that this is a “complete food”. It’s complete for men. I understand that your customer base is largely male, but I wonder if part of that is because it isn’t designed for women. You might say that many men need 2400, so 2000 is a good middle ground. However, someone on 1600 would be lacking vital nutrients, whereas someone at 2400 would only have excess sodium. Maybe you could make a product for 1600 (generally: medium women and small men), 2000 (medium men and large/active women), and 2400 (large/active men)?

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If someone is small, aren’t his/her needs for vitamins and minerals also smaller by about the same amount as the person is smaller from the average?

A 170cm guy will definitely not need vitamins and minerals to the same amount as a 185cm guy. But I understand your point of making a complete food for women, sadly no company has made anything like that for very sensible reasons. The absolute majority of people who consume products like this are young men. When powdered foods become more mainstream then there might be a more diverse offering.

It is true that our vitamin and mineral needs are slightly less but not enough to compensate.

Yes we will be adding Choline (among other things) in the new Plenny Shake v3 that we will be launching very soon :wink:


That is so great to hear! I like your base ingredients more than Huel’s, so I am glad the nutrition will be more competitive soon.

Will the Active version also get updated? :slight_smile:

There will be an update of the Active before the end of the year - but it’s not entirely sure whether or not it will get the same type of adjustments. We’re still very much in the development phase!