When Vegan Plennyshake will be back?


Do you have any news or explanation about why Vegan Plennyshake is out of stock? It’s been a while now and I miss it so badly… Give me some news please :wink:


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From the Jimmy Joy twitter account

It’s indeed gonna take a little longer, so sorry! :pensive: We’re definitely going to have it back in stock though and won’t quit our vegan line, so don’t worry. If you fill in your email address here, we’ll update you once it’s back in stock: https://www.jimmyjoy.com/products/jimmyjoy-vegan.

Is there an ETA on vegan mango? And in case it won’t come back, could you please ask your web developer to enable bulk discounts on mixed vegan/non-vegan orders? E.g. we can add 15 bags of each and get the discount for 30 bags.

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We never had vegan mango before, so it won’t come “back” - sorry!

Also, we unfortunately only offer bulk discounts when ordering the same product.