When will Pots be back in stock?

Is there any estimate for when they’ll be back? (EU)

Hey @Vapid! the ETA is the 22nd of June (if everything goes as planned :crossed_fingers:t4:)
After the 22nd you can order them on our website :green_heart:


Is there an update to the ETA? It’s currently the 24 but still no pots :confused:

My family is considering ordering Huel’s alternative instead because we’re out of pots but I’d really prefer to keep going with your pots.

Hey @Vapid :broken_heart: we are very sorry, there was a delay in the production. There is a new ETA on the 29th.
I will send you a private message with a small gift :hugs:

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Good to know.
I was starting to worry about the survival of this product :sob: