Is it really going to take until may for vegan to come in again?

I only have 10 days left Q.Q

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@gustav.fors I’m really sorry to have to say yes :(. They will most likely only be back in stock in the beginning of May again but we’re doing our very best to speed up the process!

@olivia, any update on the vegan versions, please? Many thanks

Unfortunately vegan is going to take a little longer than expected, so sorry :pensive: we think it’ll be back in stock around the end of this month!

Any update? I’m also curious as to when Wake Up will be available again.

Thanks for your efforts, keep up the good work!

You can now sign up for an email when a product is unavailable. You will receive an email as soon as the product becomes available. :slight_smile:

I asked from support through email and they stated 2-3 weeks more before vegan comes back to stock.

:8ball:: “Ask again later.”

maybt not placing vegan bags in non-vegan customers’ boxes could help, also I’m worried that if the mixup that ended up in a vegan bag in my end could mean a non-vegan bag at some vegan customer.

It’s indeed going to take about two more weeks! So sorry for the long wait guys.

Does anyone have experience with both the regular and vegan versions? could you drop a line or two how they compare re taste wise? I prefer eating vegan, but if the taste is horrid, then I would stick with the regular version + another vegan supplier.


Sorry for the late reply! I can say there is a different in taste between the vegan and the regular one, but I don’t think it’s thát big. We’ll have vegan again in two weeks. You can just add one to your order to try!

You said that over a week ago. :grinning:

And two weeks before that.

And Olivia said that back on April 15:

Literally every two weeks you say, “two more weeks.” :astonished:

That does, indeed, look dangerously suspiciously like a pattern to me…

(Olivia and Isabel be like; “DARNIT! They’re onto us! Quick make that twelve days! TWELVE DAYS GUYS!”)


Hi everyone! I understand it’s super frustrating we were not clear on this. We had a lot of issues with our stock back then, but as we’ve got a new stock system and manager now we expect this to never happen again, and to be able to be a lot clearer about it when something does go out of stock!

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Progress; I like it.