Plenny shake wake up stock

Hi, it’s been a while since wake up is out of stock, I signed up to the mailing list to know when is up again but is there some rough estimation about when that could be? (this month, this summer, for autumn, xmas, undefined…).

Probably is hard to estimate it but I’d appreciate maybe a best-worst case scenario to be able to plan ahead how to order next :slight_smile:



Hi there! We’re missing our favourite breakfast too here :pensive: it should be back in stock after the weekend though, yay!

Awesome, thanks. :heart_eyes:

Eagerly waiting too! :heart_eyes:

Wake Up is by far my favorite taste, wish there was a full bag decaf version to have as dinner haha :smiley:

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Hi guys! it’s going to take a little longer, so sorry :pensive: As we’re still trying to clear our backlog, we decided to focus on our main flavours for now and wait with producing the wake-up. The wake-up will be back around the 21st of June (that’s my birthday, yay!).

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No problem, thanks for the heads up

Will you be accepting back orders for wake up? I’d like to place one.

I’m thinking it would be easier for me than constantly rechecking the page (I really want more), and better for you as you’ll have guaranteed orders once the stock comes in.

Nope, sorry - we won’t do backorders for the wakeup! We think it’ll be back in stock around the end of next week, but if you add your email address in the following link, we’ll notify you when it’s back in:

Well the ‘promised’ 22nd of June has come and gone. Last week.

Any news?

Or even an explanation as to why it has been unavailable for like, 2 months? I would just like to understand.

And also what’s being done to make it available in the future. Would just like to know how you guys work. If it’s an increase in orders of regular that is taking priority, then in a good case scenario this would not get less., right? And if the current flow of regular orders already pushes out everything else, then we’ll never have more Wake up :frowning:

Yeah… the lack of communication is nerve-racking. I’d rather not have a date but know what’s the situation. Waiting on providers? Ingredients missing? Not enough demand?

I’m afraid the moment it’s back we’re all going to order massive amounts and will go out of stock again :cry:

Only vague answers and wrong dates. Smokescreens.

Found the twennybars to be decent replacement in the morning though. Chocolate .bar with cup of coffee. If only those were reliably available …

It’s in stock! Hooray :slight_smile:

Yes, it is in stock now.

It also says 15 meals, 15 BAGS. Was this always like this, was Wake Up always packed in individual bags or this is new? Individual bags are cool :slight_smile:

Yes, it has always been on individual bags (but personally I drink half for breakfast)

Yay! Didn’t get an email about it, even though I filled in my address.

Oh well! Time to get some wake up powders

Hi y’all! Wake-up has indeed been in stock for a couple of days, but it’s getting out of stock again soon - sorry! The thing is that we’re still working on clearing our backlog completely, before we’re going to produce a lot of wake-up again. We’re definitely planning on having a full stock of wake-up again in the future though and expect you to never have to wait for it this long again. Just a little bit more patience guys, I promise you it will be back and stay online somewhere soon! :slight_smile:

Sincere question, because I am (sincerely) confused:

Didn’t you clear the backlog completely already? Isn’t that the reason Wake Up was out of stock for months?

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No, our backlog unfortunately has not been cleared completely yet and we’re still dealing with some delays. The delays are definitely getting close to an end, but we can’t say we’ve got everything perfectly up and running again yet :pensive: sorry! I hope this helps a little. Let me know if you’ve got any more questions!

I would like to second the suggestion of a decaf coffee version of wake-up (and vegan please!).

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll consider it :slight_smile:

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