71/74 meals to go


I’m here to share my stories about this new journey I started with JJ last week

After a year of intermittent fasting and a reboot about my meals habits, I’m now 18kg lighter (103->85)
I also rebooted my career and I became more static, It was time for me to try a meal replacement, looking for nutriments/vitamins, quality, price and future food.
I also became a dad (Now I’m looking for free time but enjoy every bit of my fatherhood!)

After a large browsing of differents brands I did stop on Jimmy Joy to make my first pit stop.

Why? they are in Europe, they know how to marketing (I SEE WHAT YOU DID ON MY INSTAGRAM)

Many others boxes where checked (I’ll keep it secret for now, don’t want them to think that I’m hooked or something…) seriously : work in progress about the quality and diet aspects


I went for what I would call a big order of “74 meals”

Risky : Chai latte (quantity was a risk, but flavor also !) -> I LIKE IT A LOT (85% unexpected)
Anticipated : Chocolate and banana flavor -> will try next time, can’t wait.
Not ordered : MANGO, neutral, plenny drinks and twenny bars


  • Chai Latte (today will be my third go ! )
  • Coffee

hacked :

Chai latte + blueberries -> Great
(Chai latte cooled for a bit -> Better)
Chai latte + chia seeds + almond milk to replace water -> had to add a little bit of water because it was a pudding (prepared at 7am, off my bag at 12) -> GREAT thickness
Plenny Coffee cooled for a bit : omg… am I already in love? (added chia seeds because I can)

Also, using a mixer is a big + for the texture

So far so good with this food experiment, can’t wait to go further, can’t wait to share with others people




Hi Martin! Wow, what a story! Thank you so much for sharing. It seems like we couldn’t be a more perfect fit <3

So I have a question:

Would you be into making a video review (if possible in English) explaining how Jimmy Joy has influenced your life?

And may we then use (parts of) the video for future ads on social media?

Let me know :relieved:

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Yup, Jimmy Joy is life changing indeed! :raised_hands:t3:

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