A huge thanks! (Plenny Drink)

Hello there jimmyjoy,

I need no support, everything is fine! I’ve only got a word of thanks!

Ive been waiting a looooooong time for your product to have a ready to drink variant, now that it has come so far I’ve ordered a stash enough for two months where I’ll drink 5 bottles every day!

Huge thanks and love!

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Dear Dennis,

Haaa great to hear!! We are also thrilled for this new product! Let us know once you tasted it, what you think of it!

<3 Karel


I’ve had a few bottles today and can already report that compared to a competitor its RTD that I can’t even swallow, this one goes down easily, it even tastes like the powder version in my opinion, or really close to!

A great advantage in my opinion is the long lasting expiry date, the tetra packs are sturdy and wonderful for trips and can take a beating!

Overall my first impressions are good so far! I will report in a week my overall findings compared to the powder, the ease of use, it’s good and bad things.

Now if I only find a place to store my massive month supply! LOL

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Hello Dennis,

Thanks for the feedback! Really curious forthe comparison review!

Nice side note, upcoming month we will also launch our new powder formula which is going to be silky smooth (similar smoothness as the RTD)! I’m interested in if you gonna dig that as well.

Haha, good to hear that you bought so much, making extra RTD storage at home?