Are body fat measurements on scales accurate?

I read an article“Get In Shape With Body Fat Scale”I know that the technology used to measure body fat on scales relies on an electric current/pulse, but how accurate are they and does water/food in the stomach cause the scale to “pick it up” as fat since it’s just an electric current?

Hi Gerard,

Hmm, I’m afraid I can’t help you with this one! Anyone else perhaps?

I may be a little late to the party but the answer is not very but it is consistent with the scale. This is, if you are using the same scale you will get consistant measurements that will allow you to track your progress. Isn’t that the goal in the end?
The scale’s accuracy dependes on the age, the etnithity, environment, stress and device quality. Many reports claim that they are not very accurate when comparing them to DEXA. While there are some reports that contradict them, they seem to be in the minority.
From this article you can find more .

Take away? I personally do not think paying extra for a bodyfat scale is worth it. There is little practicallity to that measurement, aside from being another point of reference. While they are not very accurate, they serve as point of reference. I find weight and mirror pictures to be enough.