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Bag (character) personalities?


potayto, potahto…

And besides; who says herbs and spices can’t mingle? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mingle? Oh my… :blush:


Totally ruined :scream:


Yeash! Ship ALL the flavours! :love_hotel:


No no!

Apple is a undercoveragent(or just Cop), and Cappuchino is his (clever) assistent. They wanna arrest Mr. Berry and think Ms. Banana is his runner, While his real runner is Chocolates Friend “add new flavour”. (Chocloate doesnt know that)

Is the Story too complicated?:grin:
Is it even a good Story?:confused:

Someone gotta add Neutral as well.


Wow, this topic is awesome! :laughing:
Working on some new dudes as we speak.