New Mango bag issues


Noticed a while ago that you changed the Wake Up bags from paper to a new plastic design. For Wake Up, they’re OK, but since my last order or two, I received Mango bags with this new bag design as well. For some reason, Mango never got the “Standard” bag design, but it was pretty much the same.

Now with the new large bag design, I’m having a much harder time getting them closed with the zip lock. The “Standard” zips easily, even with some powder stuck there (I guess). With the new Mango bags, I have to spend quite a bit longer, tinkering with it to get it zipped. And when I think I got it, I check and it’s a large gap left where I thought I closed it. I’d like to think I’m a standard human, capabale of handeling a zip lock, but this puts up a challenge.

I’m sure there’s a reason for switching, but after a few new bags, I wish you just gave Mango a nice new design with the “Standard” bag.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback! We’ll definitely note it down and have a look into what’s the most convenient packaging :slight_smile:

Not Kidding… It a pain! I really hope you guys look into it.

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Hey Isabel,

One more vote against this bag design. It actually opened internally during handling so the ziplock was filled with powder and I can’t close it any more. Now I am forced to eat nothing but Mango untill the bag is empty… which isn’t that bad really, it’s great, but still. :wink:

Specifically came to the forums to share my thoughts on this new bag and was pleasantly surprised I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem.




Thanks for your feedback! There will be a ziplock closing on the new pouches again :slight_smile:


Amazing, thanks! :heart: