The worst defect of Jimmy Joy are the bags

I find the bags clumsy and not optimal for storage, space wise. It’s hard to reach into with the scoop or a spoon without spreading powder around. They waste space in the kitchen cabinet as they can’t be stacked. The ziploc is great tho, much better than Mana’s.
That said I had a spare glass jar and I tried fitting a bag content into it. Lo and behold, the volume was perfect. I cut the flavour picture and stuck it to the jar and pried the V sticker as this was vegan vanilla.
The jar is a Korken from Ikea, the “tall” version.
I would love to have official stickers for jars, as i will probably switch to jars for the flavours I use weekly.


Picture of the jar:

Nice! :+1:

Although, for the “can’t be stacked” part, I believe some forum members managed to do it quite well :smirk:
What kind of stack-ability would you expect?

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Well I’d like vertical stacking ability but generally speaking the tapering bag makes bad use of te footprint

The mango bags are better. They are shorter and wider, although less pretty. They’re just regular white bags with a sticker on them for the flavour.

I believe Jimmy Joy just ordered several thousand of the bags that they use for the other flavours, Mango coming in later. So I assume they’ll use up their current inventory before hopefully moving to the better Mango bags. And who knows, maybe the Mango bags might become pretty too.

Jars are less usable on the go. They weight more, and are damaged quicker.

That said, for local storage in house a jar can be superior for the reasons you said. I would be careful stacking jars though. If I had a lot of Jimmy Joy bags, I’d just put those in storage.

As for the current bags, I don’t even use a scoop or a spoon. The bags are good enough if you know how to handle them. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Ensure shaker is dry. That’s my girlfriend’s responsibility as she does the dishes. She also sometimes makes my shakes. Awww.
  2. First use a weighting scale, put the shaker on it, and then fire it up so its set to 0 gram with shaker included.
  3. Then I open the bag, and I make it into a V shape so the powder goes out in the middle. With a little bit of practice, you will not spill anything. You don’t need a scoop/spoon either! The bold part is the most important/on-topic part of my post.
  4. I then add powder till 173 gram, or if its the third shot, till its empty because you’d end up with 174 gram or whatever more they added on top of the estimated 520 (*). For the first 120 gram I just reckless empty the powder out of the bag. Then I come more cautious. If I added a bit too much than 173 I just use my hands (yeah, very hygienic, scoop/spoon would also work) to put that back in the bag.
  5. When I get to work (that’s where I drink/eat my shake) I first shake the powder in the bottle, and then add water. The powder gets to the bottom during travel, so it has to be made more loose with more air in between. This ensures there’s less powder on the bottom which refuses to get loose. I’m aware that either adding the water right after the powder was put in, adding the water first and then the powder works. The latter has the disadvantage you cannot scoop back.

As a sidenote, I think at step #2 if you already added water and then the powder my method still works. Try it out!

(*) Legal-wise, if you add the E of estimate you cover yourself if its -within acceptable margin- slightly lower.

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I agree. The bags are useless. I bought a big plastic container that will hold something like 7-8 bags and keep that in the fridge. My fridge is big enough and it fits in the veggie drawer at the bottom.
I use a kitchen scale and a small tupperware box to weigh my portions. Works for me. I wish Jimmy Joy was available in buckets like the whey protein.

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This is an awesome idea. Home Bargains and Poundland sell these types of jars cheaply.

I was also planning on buying jars to put in the powder.
But I thought it would also be nice if Jimmy Joy would make scoops that are for whole number of scoops.
Right now you add 3,5 scoops and it would be nicer if the scoop is bigger or smaller, so that you need 2-3-4 scoops.
This would remove some clumsy measuring half a scoop.
But after all, Jimmy Joy is 100% easier that traditional cooking! :smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I agree this can be a bit inconvenient. We’ll have a look into it :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have to agree that the bags aren’t that great.

We just use these containers which each can hold 2 bags and fit the scoop nicely:

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Looking great! We definitely consider creating bulk packaging or so in the future, but this looks like a perfect temporary solution :slight_smile:

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Yeah I would love bulk packaging.

It would be a great addition for everybody that regularly uses it.
I hardly see a case for a regular user where the standard bag is the ideal size because of different caloric reqcuirements depending on size, gender and activity level.

I’m a tall guy that goes to the gym so I need between 4-6 servings a day depending on current physique goals. :slight_smile:

Also bulk packaging could make other things than just “scoopability” better/easier.

Until then this works great.

I think I might be the only person who likes the bags :rofl:

They’re perfect for me since I don’t use a kitchen scale and if you cram the scoop into the bag and sort of “twist” you can pick up a full scoop then use your other hand outside the bag to tamp it down a bit to make sure the scoop is for-reals full.

The re-sealable closure is great too and actually stays closed, so I don’t worry about air/moisture getting in.

And since it’s just plastic pouches, essentially, it likely keeps shipping as cheap as possible. I don’t want to have to pay to ship a heavy container all the way to Canada - shipping would likely be even more expensive than it already is. :money_mouth:

Anyway, if you’re keeping track, put me down as pro-bag. :yum: