Game: I'll be eating

So… There’s many forum games out there in the world of forums, and i thought of a jimmyjoy-plennyshake one.

Everybody can reply with a jimmyjoy-plennyshake variant, so for example: ‘Vegan Strawberry’. The one above you (I’ll be the first victim) has to eat the next meal with that variant. I understand that not everybody has all tastes, and if somebody wants to improve this game, they are welcome to.

I hate hate hate! the banana flavour, and I’m really going to dislike the first one to comment if he/ she makes me eat that crap. :heart:

jimmyjoy-plennyshake Wake Up :coffee:

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And here I thought you guys were going to starve me to death! Thank you DEL1337! :smiley:

I didn’t have Wake-Up, though :S So mixing vanilla with two espresso shots was the closest I could get… Oh well, I can’t complain, as I was almost starving and all (and it was not banana! Which is always good!) :wink:

Anyway, I’ll leave it up to somebody else to pick your flavour. I really hope we won’t have a forum user less in two weeks… (a person can go two weeks without food, right?) :slight_smile:

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I can go without food about two hours lol :dizzy_face: :fork_and_knife:

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If you have the strawberry one, you should drink that one!

What about you try out the banana? It tastes great in the morning :slight_smile:

I haven’t been here awhile, guess strawberry is up next!

Thank you for the strawberry, but I think you forgot the banana :wink: