More flavours for Plennyshake Sport?

This is kind of a no-brainer, but what about the option for more flavours for JS ?

As someone who uses a bag a day,i’d grow sick of the flavour pretty quickly. Although i would like using it more frequently.

As much as I swear by banana flavoured plennyshake, we here at the Jimmy Joy HQ agree that it might be a bit much to have it every. single. day. I don’t have any exact timeframe as to when, but we hope to launch the Sport line in more flavours in the future! Which would have to come first if it were up to you? :slightly_smiling:

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For me it would be Chocolate, i think it would offset the Banana flavour quite nicely, since you want to have that diversity, next would be Strawberry.

We’ll keep it in mind - thanks!

Up for sport plennyshake flavors.

My job require a lot of strength, I’m training regularly and I need a good amount of proteins.

I ended up ordering standard plennyshake, I mix it with milk to add more proteins.

It would be great if I didn’t have to, having few more flavours.

Also :slight_smile: what about non sweet flavors?

Bump. I’m new to the JimmyJoy community but I plan to have a bag a day of sport shake and banana isn’t really a flavour that one can have three times a day. Vanilla/Strawberry please!

Working on it! Perhaps you can try DIY’ing with flavours in the meantime? :slight_smile:

My opinion on this might not be shared, and I don’t need the Sport variant so am safe, but Vanilla is definitely the easiest to add flavour to for me. Except with coffee, for some reason that doesn’t work for me in any flavour (haven’t tried Wake Up yet).

Edit: I missed and am eagerly anticipating the return of Speculaas, though!