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I have read that some people use Plennyshake vanilla flavour with expresso coffee, someone has tried?, with chocolate flavour is like capuccino?
it’s good?
Any other recipe?
I have not tried anything but I’m impatient I am waiting my first order :yum:


I tried Chocolate and Banana and I think it is much better then Chocolate for itself.
Next I am going to try Chocolate and Strawberry


I can tell from experience, that it is possible to bake a nice bananabread with plennyshake powder instead of flour. but you have to add binder (I used carob gum)

I also made banana bread (or something in that style) by following Joey’s recipe for Plennyshake cupcakes but in a cake tin since i didn’t have any cupcake cups, it turned out really great.

Smoothie recipe:
1/2 frozen avocado
1 scoop banana plennyshake
200 ml soy milk ( vanilla flavour )

Use a blender to mix all, you have to try it. :yum:


Double Banana:

150 gr Plennyshake Banana
0.5 lt water
1 banana

Put all in a blender and mix. Banana flavor is enhanced and texture is softer.

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Once I had terrible munchies … Wouldn’t suggest you to try this :wink:

Chocolate Explosion Shake:

150g Plenny Shake Vanilla
200ml Water

put in the microwave:
250ml soy milk
20ml soy cream
100g dark chocolate

I started to mix 1-2 teaspoons of raw superfood powders into the vanilla or banana shake. Sometimes I blended berries, nuts or fruits (bananas) but you always need to clean the blender or it was just too much.

  • Morning Shake:
    2tsp maca, green coffee, guarana

  • Chai Shake:
    2tsp black tea, matcha, cinnamon, cardamon. ginger

  • Detox Shake:
    2tsp chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass

  • Superberry Shake: (strawberry Plenny Shake)
    2tsp raspberry, Cranberry, aronia, hibiscus, acai …

  • I also tried curcuma + ginger + cinnamon + black pepper … Not perfect yet … but I like the idea.

(I wish there would be a neutral taste shake, so i could mix tomato or spinach, chard or broccoli powder.)

I used chocolate and banana as the main ingredients for my cupcake recipe. Couldn’t think of a better combination! I baked them for our annual healthy food local market. Displayed in a PL8 Cupcake Carrier (https://www.justinscafe.com/cupcake-carriers/) they looked extremely delicious. Just take a look at my masterpiece :slight_smile:


Oh my, this looks amazing! :heart_eyes: Could you maybe share the recipe so other community members can try this out? :smiley:

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Thank you so much! Sure, I’ll share it! It is an honor for me!

Unfortunately, I’m far away from my home. I’m self-isolated in the country. As soon as the quarantine is over, I’ll be finally able to drive home and take my cookbook.

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No worries, take your time! In the meantime you can check our recipes page for inspiration: https://jimmyjoy.com/blogs/recipes


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