Other fluids than water with the shake

I was wondering if anyone has experimented with adding other fluids than water to the jimmyjoy-plennyshake meals?

I was particularly thinking of adding milk, I think the chocolate and strawberry especially would benefit from this, but I am not sure, what are your thoughts?


Hi @Rick!

There are plenty of people who add different fluids with their jimmyjoy-plennyshake than water which works better for them. Milk is apparently super tasty. I’ve also read about adding tea to jimmyjoy-plennyshake and even orange juice with strawberry flavoured jimmyjoy-plennyshake is supposed to be good. I’d suggest you try out what works best for you but do keep in mind that you will be receiving more than your RDI of some nutrients!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I sometimes replace ½ of the water with semi-skimmed milk. It makes it creamier like a milk-shake, especially if you mix it with a blender. :slightly_smiling:


I add 0.05 l of milk or small yogurt called Actimel to my shakes. Makes them are creamier and better overall.

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I’ve read of people adding brewed coffee to Soylent. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work for jimmyjoy-plennyshake if you didn’t have the jimmyjoy-plennyshake caffeine mix that they sell. I’m not sure how much would be prudent to add. I’ve also seen people add shots of espresso.


Allright, I have done some experimenting. First I tried 100% milk with chocolate, which was okay, but very heavy/thick. Tried that again next dat with 50% milk 50% water, and that was great. Nice full flavour, my current favourite.

I also tried strawberry with orange juice, I was already sceptic at first but it turned out sort of okay, however I don’t think I will be trying that again, the flavour wasn’t really my thing. It did feel very healthy though :wink:

Tomorrow I will try milk with strawberry, see if that’s any better. When you think of it as a strawberry milkshake it already starts sounding appealing, doesn’t it?

@olivia Thanks for the tips! And I don’t mind any extra nutrients, in fact they are very welcome, I didn’t start using jimmyjoy-plennyshake shakes to eat less but to eat more :grin:

@truck Thanks for the “replace ½ of the water” tip, wouldn’t have thought of that! But won’t be using a blender, that much effort would kind of defeat the purpose for me. :innocent:

@sworah Adding coffee sounds tricky, I feel like it would easily mess it up, but I’ll give that a try some time soon


The blender is 100% optional. :slightly_smiling:

@Rick strawberry with milk does sound delicious! Please keep us updated on that one!

I read somewhere that some like it with degassed tonic water (sch***) which would definitely add carbohydrates. :hushed:

I’m definitely going to try adding 1/2 of milk to the vanilla shake! Can’t wait to get my bags :relaxed:

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Once I’ve tried carbonated water but it killed the oryginal taste of jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

During my experiments with jimmyjoy-plennyshake I’ve added a small glass of whiskey (I think it was Grants) and… it was GREAT!! I realy recomend that during a before party for example :stuck_out_tongue:


A while ago I tried cold tea instead of water combined with mango jimmyjoy-plennyshake and it tasted really good. It was mango tea, so that might have also been part of its succes.

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Just an update from a previous post I made: I mixed 1.5L of coffee with a bag of vanilla jimmyjoy-plennyshake and it was pretty good in taste. It was a lot of coffee, though, so I could only drink about 1 meal a day without getting crazy caffeine issues.


Did I read that well? That must give you a hell of energy. :open_mouth:

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Yea, but I only drank a quarter of the pitcher per morning, so it was more like 500 kcal and a couple cups of coffee :slight_smile:

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@marjoleinvandiejen I’ve heard that tea is a really good succes more often! Even green tea apparently really nice :slight_smile:

Personally I felt that the chocolate shake wasn’t really delicious - it kind of tastes like the bottom of a cocopops packet when it gets mixed in with the milk and it a bit bitty… however I started mixing my morning cup of coffee in with the chocolate shake, so it’s like I’m having breakfast all in one go! Plus it’s DELICIOUS!

I have to try this. I like mango but it’s not my favorite.

As for things to mix with, I’ve tried chocolate jimmyjoy-plennyshake in a blender with actual bananas. And milk. And even some chocolate powder. It’s pretty good, maybe a bit too sweet and thick in texture. So make sure not to add too much banana or chocolate powder (or jimmyjoy-plennyshake for that matter). Obviously a lot more calories (and time) but it’s not an issue for me. The same recipe works well with banana jimmyjoy-plennyshake too.

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I tried adding some Juice (Innoc*** ) , which improves the taste a lot and adds some vitamins. About 200ml + water is sufficient, which adds about 100cal and 20g sugar per shake .


Been thinking myself of trying milk, whole milk. Maybe even adding some cream. I’d even try cow milk if I can get some. (My favorite). When I eat only jimmyjoy-plennyshake I get cravings for milk (and potatoes and meat of all kinds and other things). Makes me wonder if the main jimmyjoy-plennyshake recipe needs tweaking. A craving usually means the body is missing something. That’s why you get various cravings during a pregnancy.

@olivia What flavor(s) did they use with green tea? Searching for “green tea” didn’t result in any thread mentioning using it.