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Chocolate Plenny Drink v2.0 blended with banana!

I’m a big fan of the vanilla plenny drink and tried the chocolate version a few weeks ago. It was nice, but has a slight aftertaste and I felt like it could be a little sweeter.

I tried blending it with half a banana and it is perfect! Adds the right level of sweetness, eliminates the aftertaste and actually makes it a little more creamy. It’s become my absolute favourite of all the flavours now (I’ve been a long-term customer and have tried almost all of the products and flavours so far!). I now look forward to a chocolate/banana milkshake for breakfast so much so that I can’t imagine having anything else! I tend to prepare it the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight, give it a quick shake in the morning and it’s ready to drink. Not quite as instant as from the carton, but definitely worth a try!

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Exactly my favorite as well! I am doing 2/3 banana 1/3 chocolate and when I’m feeling cute I also add a bit of cinnamon :smile:

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Is that the banana powder mix? I might try that too! I meant an actual banana with the plenny drink to blend it all up.

Oh I might got you wrong. I understood you are using half the banana powder and half the chocolate one. I actually meant the powder yes, but I will definitely also try to mix the chocolate powder with half a real banana. Sounds very interesting.

Yes! Also I meant the plenny drink (which is a pre-mixed liquid version) instead of the plenny shake powder. But I have also tried the combo you mentioned with the banana and chocolate powder and it works really nicely too!

So it’s the premixed plennny drink carton in a blender with half a banana for my original taste tinkering idea! Definitely worth a try!

Quite the combination, I might try this one myself some time too. @z0rg, were you able to try it yet? Curious to hear how you liked it!