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Banana Latte Recipe

banana latte

So I used to start my mornings with a cappuccino, though that wasn’t very filling nor caring for my body. But when I started with the Plenny shakes I missed my cappuccino and I came up with a solution.

Banana Latte

200ml water
1.5 scoop banana plenny shake powder
75 ml foamed milk
1 shot espresso

It’s pretty simple actually. Shake your shake, pour it in a glass, make your cappuccino, pour it in the glass that the shake is in. Voila banana latte.


Oef, I love this! Going to try it tomorrow at the office <3

Awesome! Let me know how you like it! Here’s a picture of mine!

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Hmm, yours looks better. Love it though! Will try one with vanilla tomorow :smiley:

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