Frozen shakes

…are awesome!
We’re suffering from a heatwave here and I thought I’d try sticking my shake in the freezer - it’s great, like a refreshing popsicle/ice cream that I know is healthy! Can’t wait to try it with pistachio…


How do you prevent the shake from becoming one big ice cube? What’s the best way to keep them creamy? I’ve tried adding banana :banana: for example but my freezer turns everything into a big icecube. Maybe I should purchase an ice-cream :icecream: maker and freeze it while stirring?


It freezes quite solid but after a little time it softens enough that I can easily eat with a spoon


I was thinking. Has anyone tried making Plenny ice cream using one of these ice-cream makers with compressor?

The new Pistachio gave me the idea, but I would love to try it out with the other flavors as well. Chocolate Jimmy Joy ice cream with 3 types of chocolate chunks, strawberry Plenny ice cream with real strawberries and vanilla Plenny ice cream with caramel chunks. To stay in the vegan spirit of things, I’d mix it with Oatly (non-dairy) milk, which works very well with the Plenny shake powders.

Making ice cream with one of these ‘professional’ ice-cream makers might help keep a good consistency because I think the trick is to keep stirring while freezing the ingredients.

Anyone? I’d love to hear others have some feedback before deciding to spend 400 EUR on a device that I will never use for anything else.

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Have you considered adding in greek yogurt?
Took me far too long to get on that bandwagon. So damn versatile. This is as close to protein “ice cream” recipe as I’ve made.


Also I suggest for everyone that is bored of the same taste to take a look at flavdrops by myprotein . Of course you can use different fruits for different flavor, but I found out that frozen apples makes best consistency of ice cream and then flavor drops easily overcomes apple taste

For anorher flavor and a creamy icecream you can use frozen bananas.
Put a ripe banana in the freezer and peal of the skin. Put in peaces in the kitchen machine with Some proteïne Shake. Mix till it becomes creamy and add Some peanut butter for the taste.
Watch out because it is so cold

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I bought a Magimix gelato ice cream maker, the best purchase ever. The Jimmyjoy shakes come out ok now as ice cream, but you need to add some alcohol to it (I use vodka) and sugar in order not to ruin the machine. This will prevent turning everything into one big ice cube, ruining the (500+ EUR) machine in the process.

For now, I only tried the pistachio flavor ice cream. Just mix as usual with a little more powder, add sugar, some vodka, and instead of water, I used full-fat milk for a bit creamier texture.

The only problem I still need to fix is the grey color. It just looks disgusting as a grey blob right now, and I want to add something to the mix to give it a more appetizing green color but don’t want to resort to (artificial) coloring. Any tips are appreciated.

Spirulina? But u have to be REALLY careful with the amount since it can make your ice cream taste like sea water

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This looks like a perfect color for pistachio ice cream in my mind - Spirulina Ice Cream Recipe {Gluten-Free, Vegan} - The Nutty Scoop from

U could add spirulina bit by bit to a small batch and look how it affects the color and taste :^)

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