JimmyJoy ice cream?

Has anyone tried making ice cream using the plenny shake mix? Like just mixing it a bit thicker and whipping some air in and sticking it into an ice cream churn? perhaps using an egg yolk custard in it to make it more creamy? I think it sounds like it could be great for hot days. Ice cream for lunch? Heck yeah

I actually once tried to do so! I mixed it with some yoghurt, however, it still turned into one hard piece of ice when I froze it in. If you let it sit at room temperature for a bit it should become consumable though, but I’m not sure if I actually found it pleasant, hah. Deffo let us know if you come up with a nice recipe!

Oh by the way, I just remembered one of our developers popped a Twennybar in the freezer last year!

If you don’t want to have one piece (and you have no ice cream mashine) you should take it out of the freezer every 30min and stir it.

Oh, smart! That’s pretty time and effort consuming though, haha.

Oh yeah… Good idea dude…
Maybe I will using your suggesting. :+1:

You could always try the manual method of making ice cream - a couple bags, some salt and some ice.