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Bag (character) personalities?


It’s past fourteen o’clock where I live and I haven’t written anything random for a couple of hours now, so I thought it was about time. :slight_smile:

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing with the idea that the characters on the bags have personalities and live in some kind of world (almost up to the point I wanted to write a story, or make a game, but then I -sadly- remembered I don’t really have time for either of those). I could ask the designers of the packaging what they have in mind when drawing them, sure, but what’s the fun of that?

So, in my interpretation, Mr. Berry (strawberry) is like a gangster boss dealing in powders and bottles and stuff. Mango (with his chopper) works for Berry, and you don’t want to mess with him. The banana girl and the chocolate guy are like a couple. Ms. Banana works in a night-club (the one of Mr. Berry, though she doesn’t know that) and Muscles (chocolate) is a really nice guy unless you touch his schmootzypoo. Apple Pie is a regular customer of that same club, he’s always mellow, smoking his cinnamon stick. Though he doesn’t really have any relation with any of the mains, he sometimes says hi but that’s about it (background character). I don’t really have anything for cappuccino, but maybe he could be like a runner for Berry?

I’ve tried coming up with names -and I do have some- but I’m not going to post 'em just yet as this post is getting a bit too weird already.

But that’s just my interpretation. What do you guys think? Did I drink just a bit too much jimmyjoy-plennyshake lately? Or have you also thought things like ‘Ha! That strawberry guy is da real MVP!’ or ‘Oohh… I’d do that bananana… ^_^’?

Please, tell me what you think; I’m really looking forward to reading what you’re able to come up with.

(\ ~~Scribbs


  • Okay, I’ve talked with some colleagues about it, and apparently this is weird thinking. But hey, we’re eating powdered food; we can handle a bit weird, right?
  • I don’t have anything for the vegan and sports variants, which bothers me more than it should…
  • Now that I’ve written it down, I’d really like to try to make some sort of story from it. xD

Notes to self:

  • Ucci, Uchi


Hint: Ms. Banana’s might have force abilities:fearful:


maybe muscles is in denial that he is attracted to the opposite gender en he feels like he is exposed when touched in the schmootzypoo area.


What the… lol!


¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯



Okay, I may have something for vegan. Vanilla one (I hanven’t tried others) is like greenish and smooth, and has a touch of herbs. I imagine it as a healing druid making everone feel okai when she’s around.

Okay, too much World of Warcraft… but that’s the character in my mind!


That actually sounds good! :smiley: I was thinking about writing something like I posted originally for my next NaNoWriMo (though I should finish my previous story first…) . Anyway, I might use your inspiration, with your permission of course. :slightly_smiling:

Do you happen to be playing on EU Arathor? :angel:


Vanilla one (I hanven’t tried others) is like greenish and smooth, and
has a touch of herbs. I imagine it as a healing druid making everone
feel okai when she’s around.

Are we talking about this guy? :smile:


Indeedily we are. :slightly_smiling: But the vegan specifically.


Oh so this guy then? :smirk:


Yeash! :smiley: That’s our female unnamed druid with sparkly herbs and musical healing powers!


Hahaha, I can hear it in my head DURUEEEEEEEEEN! (that’s her healing)

"Do you happen to be playing on EU Arathor? :angel:"
Noo, I used to play in Spanish Minahonda. Now from time to time activame my acount but my full time player time is gone ^^¡
It’s a pity, Minahonda lost their best healer:sunglasses:


Brainfarts used to be here. They will get purified, and put on Evernote and/ or GDrive. From now on, I’ll just post updates when I’ve got something solid. :slight_smile:


So, tastes use humans as ingredients??


Would that mean that “jimmyjoy-plennyshake is people!”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@inmachan, @truck

Haha now I think of it when hungover; not really a good idea, I guess… Sounds too much like Soylent (the movie, which I still want to see!) than jimmyjoy-plennyshake. Back to the drawing board! No; back to my fruit juice and jimmyjoy-plennyshake strawberry… Why would somebody invent these hangovers?! :over-dramatic-crying-face-with-just-a-hint-of-angry:


Fun fact: I read somewhere that jimmyjoy-plennyshake (+ a few glasses of water) makes quite a nice hangover meal. :smirk:


By the way, don’t forget the strawberries from some type of whey:


I don’t know if it worked. It might though.

Hangovers still are dislikeable. :slightly_smiling:


Isn’t vanilla a spice and not a herb? Sorry to ruin the party.