Can Plenny Shake powder and Twenny bars be stored in the fridge?

Things are starting to get a bit too warm due to the high temps lately and I’m worried about my dry products getting a bit warm, can they be stored in the fridge?

While on the topic. can they be stored in the freezer? :laughing:

Hey NovaMosh,

great question in this heatwave :hot_face:

You can store the Twenny Bars in the fridge, that would be no problem! And the Plenny Shake powder can be stored in the fridge too, as long as the bags are tightly secured and closed off so there can get no moist in it.

We do not recommend storing prepared Plenny Shakes in the fridge, because it will get this slimy texture when leaving it for a couple of hours.

Plenny Drinks (the ready to drink ones) can also be stored in the fridge without problems.


That’s great, think I’ll start storing my unopened bags and bars in the fridge then :smile:

Can the bars / powders be frozen in the freezer? or would this mess them up?

Man, how hot is it where you live? :smiley:

I have kept unopened bags at my home for a year and they’re fine but it rarely gets hotter than 26C in my apartment.

I live in the UK, so not too hot however my kitchen is pretty small with a large window, and the only space I have to store my shakes is the cupboard right by the window :sweat_smile:

Due to the sun shining in and the high temps here lately, the cupboard door was very hot to the touch and I was worried about possible spoilage :laughing:

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