Cancelling my order and getting the refund - nothing being solved!

Hello there were some problems recently on my order and it didn’t arrive and since I go on holidays I wanted to cancel my order. Since two weeks I am getting an answer saying, your order will be cancelled and it is never cancelled actually.

I need the refund immediately on my PayPal but I am not getting any help seriously. I gave my PayPal address etc but no one explains me when is the refund be done, will it be on the credit card I payed with or my PayPal.

R836797847 This is my order number. Can you please help me, I am having problems since 20 days and I get no help. Can you check if my order is cancelled and make sure it will be sent to my paypal account please ? I have no clue about how much it takes to have a refund and what is going on. I am tired of writing emails and waiting. I need the refund urgently.

Thank you

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble canceling your order and receiving your refund. I just checked up on your emails, and see we did respond to all of them saying your refund was coming your way :slight_smile: So, no worries! Unfortunately we can’t always refund you immediately, but I’ll make sure to give priority to refunding your order. Therefore, the money should be back in your account by at latest Monday (I’m not sure if Paypal transfers on weekends too). We would of course never keep your money for something you have not received or did not want to.

Let me know if you’ve got any more questions!

  • Isabel, customer support