Can't handle delivery service

I order 2 packages 2 weeks ago.

But the delivery company can’t handle them to me, they said i wasn’t in home and take in a “Service point” where i must go and carry it to my house, I was the entire day in home.

It’s a big package, i ordered a lot of things there, i don’t have car, and i don’t want to trouble myself because their mistake.

Sorry, but, i don’t think i can handle this anymore, i was buying from Jimmy Joy since it was ■■■■■■■, but, as long DHL is the delivery company in my country i can’t buy anymore.



If that is your worst experience in several years then it isn’t that bad.

I have never encountered a delivery company which doesn’t make mistakes, DHL is actually really good in my opinion.

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Hey there!

Unfortunately, it’s the holiday season and that means, especially in this age of internet and online shopping, that the parcel delivery services have a lot of extra work. So much that there’s a lot of extra ‘mistakes’ too. We want to make your experience as easy and smooth as possible, so please contact us via email so we can have a look at it.


I already contacted with Esjoy, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to solve the issue.