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Shipping company DPD Germany


my orders of JimmyJoy used to be shipped via DHL which always worked flawlessly.
Since very recently you have switched to DPD, which is the worst shipping company available on the German market.
They don’t even try to deliver packages but instead drive them to some pickup location in the worst spot possible and it’s a pain in the ass to finally get the package.
Only today I was supposed to receive my newest batch and gave DPD permission to place the Box at my place. Of course they ignored it again and drove the package to a location that is known to have absolutely no parking space anywhere nearby. Now I will have to go there via public transport and pick up a big ass 12kg carton and carry it through half the city.

Please add the option to ship via DHL again!!! I‘ll gladly pay the small difference in price myself.
DPD heavily drags down the experience of ordering your product.



we used to ship with DHL, before our shipping partner got in a legal dispute with them.
They’re trying to resolve the matter, but in the meanwhile we have to use DHL and Hermes in Germany.
I’m very sorry.

Customer Care


how do you determine where DPD and where Hermes is used?
The latter would at least be a litte bit better than DPD.
In the long term, please try to get back DHL…