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My delivery's been sitting in the dpd warehouse for 8 days

It says my delivery is “At parcel delivery centre” but it’s been 8 days and it doesn’t look like it’s moving any time soon. I sent an email to dpd support 3 days ago but haven’t got a response so I thought I’d chase it up with you.

It seems that it’s not going to get delivered to me?

Hi there! I’m going to need your order number or email address to take a look at the status of your shipment. Could you send me a pm?

Update: I’ve called DPD 3 times and each time they said it’d be solved and each time it hasn’t been. They attempted delivery one time and I wasn’t in and it’s been such a mess since. Now it seems to be on the way back to Jimmy Joy, not that I asked for that. At this point, I’d still like my parcel but if that’s never going to happen (as it seems) then a refund would be nice so I’m not £30 out of pocket. It’s worth noting, each time it says “As requested, your parcel will now be delivered on X”, no attempt at delivery was made.

Hey childishgiant!

Your package seems to be returned to our warehouse just yesterday afternoon, I guess DPD had some trouble delivering it to you. We’re sorry about that.
I’ll send you an email to have a look through your address information and things and let’s try again!


Thanks to the magical Ben, I’ve finally (:wink: )receieved my box :smiley:

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@magicalben I’ve changed your name to @magicalben

:heart_eyes::rofl: Thank you Joey!