Product is great, but delivery services and reliability is a total mess!


I really love your products - the perfectly represent what I was looking for.

BUT… I went for a subscription some month ago. Till today there were three deliveries, two of them ended in a total mess. 2nd delivery was delayed by two weeks becaus of plenny bars were out of stock and I was not informed (YES, I checked my Spam filter). Ok, this might happen one time.

3rd delivery (delivery service is DPD) was the worst delivery I ever received. I received an email, that I was not at home on the delivery day. Normally I can then choose some new delivery details like place & time - but I directly was informed on Friday, that my parcel was sent to a pickup station in the next city (even not in my city). On Monday I received confirmation, that I can pick my package up in that pickup station. So I drove there - but no package wasever dropped for me. The guy from the pickup station explained, that they do not receive packages for reciepients living in my home city anymore due to severe problems with DPD.

So I got in contact with the guys here, to see what they can do. They told me, that there never was a delivery to the drop off place according to DPD. I was told from the support, that they spoke to DPD and that DPD would deliver it the next day. So - I spend a day at home - and no delivery was done.

So I again got in contact with the support. They told me there are only two options. Waiting for the package to be returned and to send it out again. Or waiting for the package to be returned. Both options are totally awful - as I paid my order three weeks ago and since that I am waiting for my order.

Funny - until I receive the resended package or refund, my new subscription has probably been delivered - if I am lucky and DPD will deliver the package.

I placed a small “interim” order now to have at least a minimum of Plenny Shake here now - but honestly - other providers send out a replacement order instantly. They don’t wait for the order to be returned, as these provider try to solve such problems instantly.

Sorry - a subscription is a nice thing - if it works. Otherwise it is a bad joke, when I receive my orders in frequencies which are a total mess.

Is there any possibility to change the delivery company from DPD to DHL or Hermes???

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Hey Chris,

I see my colleague Tim already sorted this out with you this morning, the refund should be back with you in a day or 2.

We’re very sorry about the deliveries, we recently switched from Hermes to DPD because of everything you mentioned happened with Hermes too, but in far bigger numbers… In the last few months, I found that package deliveries in Germany are a hot mess. Or, at least for us.

We will start an investigation with DPD about why this has happened. The tracking information changed 4 times over 2/3 days. That’s why we all got the wrong information and we could not help you in the right manner. That’s also why we did not immediately send you a new package. And when we wanted to resend you the package last Monday, you did not want it anymore.

We can try a future order to be sent with Hermes, please shoot us an email once you’re ready. We will tightly moderate the full traject of the delivery.

We’re very sorry for the caused inconvenience.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your mail. Yes, money was already refunded.

I am sorry that I got so angry, but I really had serious problems with DPD in the past (not only with your deliveries).

I love your products - they are really good. And you are not responsible for the DPD drivers, but nevertheless you are responsible for me as support partner (according to DPD - they did not give me any information and sent me to you).

Just for your information and investigation- according to the owner of the drop point in Dülmen, problem is the following:

DPD stopped working with the drop point in my home city (Haltern). They chose to work with their drop point in the next city, which is Dülmen. This drop point received too many packages (it’s a small store for beverages), and cancelled their cooperation with DPD for shipments which were meant for recipients in Haltern.

According to you or Tim, DPD has never tried to drop the package in Dülmen. But I received two Emails saying, that the package can now be picked up there.

Perhaps this above mentioned information helps you at least a little bit.

I have placed a small order today, which should be enough until my next subscription delivery should be processed beginning of November.

As mentioned before - great products and I really like them. And hopefully things get better.



That indeed explains the issue a bit more, thanks for elaborating on the logistics Chris. I hope we can improve our service in the future and I hope DPD can help us out a bit :slight_smile: