Last three deliveries to the UK returned

My last three deliveries of JJ were held up in Oldbury by DPD and then, eventually, “returned to sender.”

I don’t understand what to do. Each time I email JJ but we’ve never managed to get to the bottom of why this is happening.

Can we get some clarity on whether you’ve identified the problem and fixed it or whether it’s going to continue to happen?

What reasoning do they give on the orders when they are returned?
The latest one is here:

I understand Brexit has been maddening for everyone but it would be good to get a little clarity on what reasoning they’re giving for returning the items and whether this can be changed in the future. Have you considered getting a warehouse here and shipping from within the UK to UK customers/

Hi @jamesv

We understand that this is super frustrating. The main problem are with our carrier (DPD) that is connected to our shipping software. The worst part is that we are getting different (new) errors every month. To give you some clarity that you ask for: We’ve had issues with:

  • Local HS codes for the UK changing
  • No correct product specification for importing liquids (different rules apply)
  • DPD System unable to read brackets () in product descriptions
  • Not allowed to import free products on commercial invoices (shakers,scoops,t-shirts)
  • Etc.

We have been going back and forth with DPD and HRMC to get these issues fixed ASAP. Unfortunately due to the whole Brexit situation pretty much everything is still congested and response times are slower/systems dealing with backlogs. Every time we have solved one issue - followed by a test batch that comes through without problems - eventually a new issue comes to light.

I know this doesn’t fix anything for you as a customer right now but hopefully it gives a little bit more context. We have looked into local warehousing but it does not seem to be a viable option at least in the short term. Meanwhile we are still working around the clock to fix everything in our current setup.

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Dear lord.
I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for you.
Really sorry and thanks for the detailed response response.
Honestly, it’s ALMOST as if Brexit wasn’t a massively good idea.
I’ve ordered some powder and hope you start shipping the Plenny Drink to the UK again soon because it’s definitely my favourite.



Not just related to plennyshake but know that many expats in Europe are having problems with shipping to and from the UK at this moment and don’t see it changing for the foreseeable future. It is all related to BREXIT I’m afraid and think that long term it would probably be best for JJ to have a warehouse / distribution center in the UK to prevent shipping issues but that will only work if the UK market is big enough to justify the extra costs of another warehouse.


agreed. think this is a good idea