Card's not being added

Since I’ve contacted support about this I also would like to ask the community forums. Has anyone else had this problem with subscriptions that your earlier card on file was expired and then you try adding a new card. Your banks things accept you adding your credit card, your credit card is accepted by the website here and everything goes as expected. You come back and it still says that no card on file and it was expired or removed. Visa Debit that seems to work everywhere else and the system here says everything is fine when adding it but the billing section act all weird. My card is Visa Debit.

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Always good to check, but if you still have an issue at the moment with this, please check back in with the customer care team through the Live Chat on the website or
That goes for anyone with an issue as stated above of course. Any issue with this is normally sorted through the deletion of the old details to allow to set it up as new again.