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Subscription only via Credit Card

Would it be possible to add paypal to the payment methods for a subscription ?
I don`t want to get a credit card, they are very inconvenient and a nightmare to budget, but i also don’t want to miss out on that 15% off. ChoosingBeggar.
Maybe a direct debit system, everyone has a debit card, not everyone has a credit card.

We totally understand what you are saying and thus are looking at options for payments besides a credit card. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks for the reply, i really enjoy your product, the new website and its changes caught me off guard a bit, but its progress, so that’s a plus in my book :slight_smile:

It definitely is a work in process, we’re still very much exploring possibilities en improving and tweaking the new website! So thanks for the feedback and underlining the importance of multiple payment options. We’re positive we’ll have some new options soon!

I’ve not used anything but a credit card for the last eight years or so. I keep track of what I spend and pay it off every month. No different than using a debit card or getting cash from an ATM. There only a handful of places I’ve been to in the USA that do not take credit cards.

Additionally, you can get a low limit on your credit - as little as you need. A friend of mine uses one credit card for purchases around town and then an ultra-low limit card for online purchases only.

Paypal is now also a payment option for subscriptions!