Feedback on subscriptions

The current subscription functionality is very rudimentary compared to what you find on other sites. It would be nice to be able to:

  • Change shipping and billing dates
  • Change amounts
  • Change flavours

Without having to cancel and create a new subscription.

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Thanks for your feedback! We’re definitely looking for ways to improve our subscriptions, so we hope to be able to add these options in the near future :slight_smile:

Not to necro, but it would also be nice to see:

  • discounts based on longer commitment subs (bulk discount without expiry worries)
  • the sort of Dutch subs you get without credit cards (not everyone wants those things)


That’s definitely something we consider, yes! Not sure what you mean by Dutch subs though? :slight_smile:

There is iDEAL for example, [“In addition to a direct payment at webshops, the use of iDEAL is increasingly growing as a post payment method, to pay bills or to pay (monthly) subscription fees”] ( Another example is direct debits/debit orders. Here is a page about it for ABN Amro, and the Belgian site for ING (didn’t see the same on the NL site). I would think that iDEAL is the easiest way to support it.

Ahh right! We do support IDEAL payments when it comes to regular orders though- but I agree it would be great to add this function to subscriptions too.

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