Wanted to expedite subscription, triggered single purchase


So, I have 4 shakes as subscription and my next subscription shipping was due on 18 April. Since I’m running out already, I figured I would just change the date to an earlier one. Clicked on one the shakes and changed to “Ship now”. Just got a small pop up saying that my subscription was updated. On the left side it said that the next subscription would be 15 April, so I thought everything was sorted.
Now I got an order confirmation email the next morning, stating that I ordered one pouch, charging me 5 Euro shipping cost! I wanted all my shakes delivered earlier. And that shipping cost was stated nowhere, as there was no checkout, just the subscription update.
This is a really confusing user interface. Can I still cancel my order and have a regular subscription?


Alright, Laura from customer service acted quickly and intercepted that order. Thanks for that.
My criticism of the subscription UI still stands. It should be easy to manage all items within a subscription at once. Also the shipping cost should be stated somewhere. Subscriptions should decrease, not increase hassle :wink:


It also happened to me. I had few products in my subscription and I moved them to the next day. Next day I saw that only half of the order was processed and I was charged 10€ for shipping. I am completely sure that all items had the same date. Now I just prefer to cancel subscription and to create new evey time…it is just safer, I dont trust the interface.