I cannot cancel, delay or skip any subscription or upcoming order

I cannot cancel, delay or skip any subscription or upcoming order, I keep getting error messages like “Somehing went wrong with your request”

I have just cancelled the Paypal pre-approved payments just in case.

I got the same error a few days ago and I ended up getting the same products twice. It appears that, in spite of the error, my changes went eventually through. You may want to re-check your subscription status after a while.
And yes, there is room for improvement in the subscription interface! For instance, you cannot directly change a bar box to another bar box with a different flavour, so I had to change it to another product and then back to a bar box with the flavour I wanted. And I can see no way to add a product with the same delivery date as the other products in the subscription. (Besides, every product is a subscription by itself, which is quite annoying.)

Apologies for the inconvenience @ljjimenez and @Alessandra_64
There was an issue with the platform that made for this error. It was checked and fixed, all should be good again.
If anything needs to be amended or assistance is needed in any way because of this, please reach out to us through the Live Chat option on the website or love@jimmyjoy.com so we can check with you.