Manage subscription is confusing

it seems I have to ask JJ for help with every order, I guess this is not how it is supposed to work.

I wanted to update my subscription (two products) as I noticed A. one subscription is not 15% off and B. I have two subscriptions and not one. This is very confusing.

I deleted A. and added (toss in as you say in the Manage Subscription section) the same product again, making sure it is not a One-time addition Subscription - resulting in having again two subscriptions which of one without the price reduction. So my question then is, is every product its own subscription? If so I find it illogic and rather confusing, not very user-friendly to say the least. I hope this is just a problem I encounter right now. Only imagine you have ten products and each is a separate subscription.

And BTW why on earth 15.00% off, why the decimals?

Anyhow, have a splendid new week!

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Hi Sasa,

Sorry for the experience you have with this subscription platform first of all, we agree it is in need of some user-friendliness upgrades and we are on the case with the provider of this platform, but it’s a work in progress.

The title of the products is confusing this way, also agree there. This is due to updates over time and some of the items do include this 15% off part in the title and some do no at the moment, all items in them are subscription items though and as such will be calculated with a 15% discount on the single purchase price. So, this is just a title-issue and we will forward this to the relevant department to look into and update so it will be uniform.

There’s two parts to this subscription platform, the address saved and the items saved into that address.
Every product will show as their own subscription, but if they are set to the same address and charge date, they will ship as one shipment. The unhandy part with this is that if you want to change the date of a shipment, you will need to do so for each item in that subscription order separately. So in that way, each item is indeed it’s own subscription within a subscription.

We have a small how-to on the website about this here: How subscriptions work – Jimmy Joy

As we completely understand the struggles you may have with this, we actively invite our customers to check in with us on the Live Chat or via email on for any assistance or confirmation needed while we hope to make progress with implementation of fixes to improve on the experience with this.


Hi @DanielJJ

thanks for illuminating this issue. I indeed had been in contact with your online support (chat) earlier in the morning and received an answer later on (see attachment below) which was less understanding and elaborate as yours.

Apparently JJ has recognised the issues and is moving towards a clearer way of presenting the info. That’s good enough for me.


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Ah I see, that could indeed have been looked into a little more, I agree.
We’re on it! Thank you!

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I tried to start a new topic, but the icon was greyed out so I couldn’t - therefore I’ll just continue this post.

I received a mail from JJ asking me to write a review which I did. I then went to see what it looks like on the JJ site and to my astonishment my location is said to be in the U.S. of A. which is incorrect as I am located in Finland. At no point was I asked to specify my location.

I do use a VPN but it is always set to Finland.

What is happening there?

ping @DanielJJ @Laura.A @Nino


Scranton is the home of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, isnt it? :smiley:


Thanks for letting us know about this, we can always count on you to spot things, very much appreciated!
We’ve re-integrated these reviews recently and there’s clearly some bugs with it still. It is forwarded to the right people and we will hopefully sort this out on short term.

@Cheeserider Hahahaha, it is indeed!! How awesome would a review from Dwight be :wink:


ok, good to hear @DanielJJ - thanks for looking into this, although it’s just a minor thing, the details make the greater impression!

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We checked this with the provider of the platform and there’s no additional options for this to be set from our end.
The location is based on the IP Address, if this is one in the US, it will show that in the review. In your case it could be that you have a VPN service active that changes the actual IP address to another one from a different location.
Some browsers have this VPN service built in or it can be specific VPN software that’s running which should be the cause of your location showing another one than your actual location at that time.

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I see and yet I am puzzled as I am using NordVPN and always know my IP address. I can confirm after checking with services like myip that I have a Finnish IP address. So I do not hesitate to disagree with your provider’s opinion.

Anyhow, it’s just an inaccuracy, nothing else.

Any news regarding the subscription management?
It’s really confusing not to be able to change an entire subscription as a whole, instead of product by product. Specially when applying a discount code. You never see if it was applied tho the whole order, just one product…

Sometimes I end up creating a whole new subscription just to apply a code. It’s a bit frustrating.

Sorry for the continued inconvenience with this, unfortunately there have not been changes implemented for this yet. We have sorted out some other things which should have helped the experience, but for the issue you describe, we are still working on it with the platform provider.

Feel free to put us to work with any edits you want done, we’re happy to help through the Live Chat or in the meantime.


Managing subscription at Jake Foods is even worse. So at least it works better here than for a relevant competitor. :wink:


I just got an email from Jimmy joy for “Subscription portal feedback”. I was happy because it REALLY needs some work. However, when I clicked the link, it was broken and said the survey is over. Alrighty. :confused:

Hey @koer6969! welcome to the forum!

We are very sorry for this :see_no_evil:
The link you received in the mail should be working now but I will leave it here anyway Subscription portal
Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback on the subscription portal :hugs:

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I just got a live preview for the new subscription system.
It’s even more confusing. I no longer get the amount total for the whole subscription until I pay for it.

Wait, you got a live preview and we did not? :smiley:
We are not aware of a change in any way, we are currently working on building the new portal together with the platform provider for the subscriptions we use.
So, we would love to hear what you saw and for any changes or questions about how your subscription is set currently, feel free to check in with the customer care team through the Live Chat or at


I got a prompt yesterday when I was managing my subscription, asking me to accept the changes with a “I Understand” button :flushed:

I was mostly an aesthetic change, but a few things changed, like the total amount not appearing until you actually hit the send now button. Also, when adding new items it was a bit confusing because I got multiple instances of some of the bars to choose from, like V3, V3.0.1, V.3.0.2… :flushed::flushed:

You should now no longer be confused by the v3.0.1 v3.0.2 etc, our developers have sorted that out.
Sorry for the confusion!

We are in the works to make a new portal for the subscriptions in collaboration with the platform provider. It’s possible there was an update on their end in the interface that we were not aware of or they are trying out something on that part. The total amount of the subscriptions that are active should still be noted on the bottom of the active subscriptions list in the “subscriptions” tab.