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So, I realise i’m quite new to this, having switched only a few months ago but I really find the subscription service hard to work with. I have tried (and failed) twice now to add my astronaut-tier stainless steel shaker to my sub, and this month when I tried to order my subs earlier one box of bars somehow came through separately charging me postage.

I also find it confusing to add any sort of reward tier discount to the subs - though I realise that some are for one-time purchases.

I guess I’m wondering if the subs bit of the site needs a bit of reworking so it is more intuitive - and could rewards be added automatically?

Oh, I should add that I have had excellent customer service whenever I have contacted you about the issues!

Thanks for reading!

Hi @ribs105 - Thanks for letting us know! We are aware that the subscription portal can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, that’s why we’re always trying to make it better.

The subscriptions are linked together by dispatch date, so if the date is the same this should never happen (unless it was a technical glitch we are not aware of).

As far as the rewards go, we feel you. Because our site and subscription portal are run on 2 different platforms, we have to make a tradeoff with our loyalty program as it can only support 1 discount at a time. This means that if a code is generated for the “regular” (single purchase) checkout, we have to manually adjust it when someone wants to use it for our subscriptions. On the other hand there are also discounts that are for subscription by default. There’s going to be improvements on this down the line but we are currently dependant on Shopify’s progress regarding this :-).

Hope this clears things up a bit!

Thanks for this - I think some of the confusion comes from me not knowing entirely how much / frequently I want to subscribe for and so I have added things at a later date. It would be much easier to see one block of subscriptions and to be added to as and when.
Glad that there are changes planned! I’m just getting into my stride with this!

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