A question about the subscription reward

Hi! I wanted to ask (im sure that im not the only one a bit confused here) if the reward in the screenshot applies to the subscription order as a whole or just to one of the products u r subscribed to. Thanks in advance! :kissing_heart:

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Hi there!!

The “one-charge” part in this case refers to the option to apply it to one of your subscription order, not the ones coming after that automatically as well. So, the discount will be 5% of the total order value for the subscription order of your choice.

If you would need any assistance with it, feel free to get in touch with us through our Live Chat or via love@jimmyjoy.com so we can apply it for you for example.


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So, for example, if i had a subscription order scheduled for today with a banana shake and a chocolate shake, it means that i could only apply the discount to one of the shakes, right? Since they are different kinds of subscription, i guess… Sorry, it’s kinda hard to get the wording right here haha :sweat_smile: Or do both shakes in this case get 5% off as being parts of one subscription order?

No, you apply the code on the full price of the order, not just to one subscription item.

Oh, thank you!!

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