Combine student discount with subscription

Hey there.
I see that it is not possible to combine the student discount from (your partner student beans) with the subscription.
That’s sad, because now I see no added value for this discount, because a student just can use the subscription to get 15 % instead 10 % off, only from the student discount.
There would be an added benefit when it would be possible to get at least another 5 % off, on subscriptions when using the student discount and you would at the same time beat the price of one of your rival brand that allow such a combination at the time.

Hey @Eon ,

Thank you for your message! You are right that the subscription discount is 15% compared to the student discount of 10%. While people are free to cancel their subscription whenever they want (even after their first purchase) - we do see the subscription discount as an encouragement for actual subscriptions (multiple orders). The student discount is for those who would like to try our products through a single purchase without going for a subscription right away.

Even at 10% or 15% (not stacking) subscription discount, we offer way better value than our competitors. This is mainly due to our organizational structure - we produce and ship in-house from our operations facility in Amsterdam. Therefore we can keep the operational cost of our quality nutrition down compared to other brands who charge markups for this.

If the 15% subscription discount is more appealing to you than the student discount, feel free to give it a go, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee!