Decreasing our pricing (Subscription discount from 15 to 20%!)

Just a heads up that our subscriptions just got even better. We are increasing our subscription discounts from 15 to 20%.

Why the change? Well, it’s been exactly one year since we had to increase our prices, and we felt it was the perfect time to give something back to our community. Thank you for your ongoing support!

As always:

  • Embrace your laziness: You won’t have to place an order every time you run out.
  • Cancel, pause or skip anytime: You’re not stuck to anything.
  • Control: Decide when and how many Plenny meals you get.
  • Stock priority: Before a flavour sells out, enough stock will be kept to be able to supply our subscribers.

That is awesome! Makes me feel like I made the right choice to subscribe to you guys!