Grandfathered Subscription pricing - not living up to the promise

Hi All,

I’d love your thoughts on the treatment of OG’s that were offered grandfathered pricing if signing up to a subscription, ahead of the price increase earlier this year.

My understanding of the offer was that if I converted from adhoc orders to subscription I would maintain the old pricing, as long as I maintained the subscription. I could change the flavour, add to the subscription, amend subscription schedule all at the old price, as long as I never cancelled my subscription. It seemed like a fair compromise.

I feel I have met this marketing promise but recently found that only one line of my subscription remains at the old price, and I feel a bit robbed.

I contacted CS, not particularly helpful. Then did a bit of looking at the technical solution, it seems there are some rules around maintaining a “subscription” which is really one line item of an overall subscription order in order to keep the old price.

Even in the scenario where that was clear from the initial marketing (I do not believe it was), I still think there are errors in the technical implementation as I recently just changed flavour of one line and lost the discount.

I’ve been using these since it was ■■■■■■■, I’ve spread the word and converted others. The amounts at question are not life changing but I do feel aggrieved.

Has anyone else noticed this pricing switch?
Did I misinterpret the marketing offer?
How many others may be in the same position and not have noticed?

Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing from you.


'sup @ctrlC_ctrlV, Tim here.

There indeed was a deal to grandfather prices. This was an offer we made when we raised the prices, which was quite a while back. In any case, the deal was that if you would subscribe and leave the subscription alone for eternity, the prices wouldn’t change. Adding any new products to the subscription would mean adding them with the new prices. Any products you had already subscribed to would remain the price you subscribed at, even if you wanted more or less of them. Hope this clears that up a bit!

If you feel you haven’t been able to make use of this offer please let me know!

What about sticking to one type of product (e.g. Plenny Shake) but changing the flavor?

We have multiple flavors for Plenny Shake at the moment, just not the Chai flavor :slight_smile:

Sorry, I meant what happens to my grandfathered subscription when changing the flavor. Do I keep the old price in this scenario?

If you don’t have the flavor in your subscription already, getting a new flavor will get you the new/higher prices.

There was a deal a while back, seems to imply the offer had an end date.

Could you share the email that was sent promoting this offer at the time please? That may help clarify the offer, maybe I misread.

“…everyone that has a running subscription before the 13th is grandfathered at current prices.”

I still have a subscription running, I’ve lost the majority of grandfathered pricing.

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But is that because you changed your subscription since then? Cause like I explained earlier, that was the deal. Any new products/flavors added to your subscription would automatically mean new prices. Just the items you keep will keep the old prices!

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Tim, a couple of things darling…

An offer is and should be whatever is explained to customers. Not how the product team think it works, nor how your tech team implemented it; how you promoted it should be fulfilled. You are incentivising customers to purchase with their money your product. No one is asking you to explain it now, just to deliver how it was marketed at the time.

This post was not directed to customer service, it was asking the community how they saw this offer price and whether it was fairly administered. I am one person, flawed and irritable, may be other customers could convince me I made an incorrect assumption somewhere based on the promotion language.

I hope this makes sense.

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When I read the email about the price change I was in doubt how to understand it.
Being a “belt and suspenders” kind of guy I thought that there was no harm in keeping at least one of every flavor that I liked in an active state.
I’m slightly disappointed that my doubt and fear was well founded.

I’m pretty sure that you can just keep pushing the delivery date into the future of any flavor you want to skip, instead of cancelling the flavor completely.

Whoops, sorry for jumping on it then! Just hoped to make some things clear so there’s no unnecessary misunderstandings :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing,Tim

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Although I am too lazy to re-read the information given about the “grandfathered-price-offer”, I don’t remember any confusion regarding it. From beginning to now I understood that I’d keep the old price as long as I didn’t change the product or flavor. As such, I disagree with what ctrlC_ctrlV wrote - as far as I undertood, there is no conflict between what the offer was/is and what was explained to us customers.


Cheers Sigmund, thanks for weighing in!

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