Updated subscription portal

Hey everyone,

Over the past year we’ve gathered a lot of feedback regarding our subscription portal, and agreed with many that it could use some improvements here and there. We’ve worked on a redesign over the past couple of weeks and are now finalizing the subscription environment v2. Please let me know what you think below, and if you have any suggestions for improvements in the future please let us know!

  1. “Upcoming delivery” is now “Account overview”, giving you a clearer view of what’s coming and straight forward “Manage” and “Skip” buttons:
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  2. The “Manage” page has been redesigned so that it can actually be managed from one page:
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  3. The “Subscription” page has been organized and is now filtered & bundled by

  • Active / Cancelled subscription with Active showing first
  • Order address
  • Order frequency

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  1. Minor styling changes to the billing page

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Bonus: Your first upcoming subscription is now visible straight from the default account page on our store!



Great new design, looks very promising.
I had some trouble with the current/old design, and found it rather unintuitive. But this new layout has some really good improvements. Nice work!

I do have a question: is it possible, when you have multiple subscriptions, to merge them in some way? Because right now, I have two subscriptions running, one with five of a single product, and one with one of 5 different products. If I want to change for example the quantity of a product of the second order, every product is handled as a separate entity. As if it is an order on it’s own. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but in currently and in the new design, it still seems like every product is managed on it’s own, but because they are on the same date, they are sent in one box. Can I merge these two orders in the new design, or is that not possible because of other reasons?

Regardless great work on the new layout!

Hey @pask, thanks for the kind words and great feedback! We have tried to tackle that issue. However, the way the subscription software is set up is that every product variant is a subscription on its own, which makes it impossible to merge with the data strings given in the code :(. We have tried to bundle everything as much as we could so that it makes the most sense, but until the actual software makes some base changes in the code or allows us to build on top of it our hands are pretty much tied regarding this issue.

Regardless, subscriptions charged on the same date are handled as one subscription (physical box) and will be sent out together. If you have any issues regarding this you can always contact love@jimmyjoy.com and we’ll sort it out!

The new layout seems nice and easy to use. :slight_smile: I just wanted to mention that if you click on “add to box” then the prices are in US dollars instead of euros although I use euros.

Also, how often can I skip a subscription? I bought a batch of everything when the new formula was introduced just to try it out. I still had plenty of bags with the old formula and after that I made a subscription and got even more bags. Now a new shipment has already been shipped and I’m having trouble storing all the bags in my apartment. So I might need to skip for the first time. :smiley: But hey, the good thing is that I have enough food in my apartment to last for several months in case something should happen.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll have a look at it and see what is causing the $/€.

You can skip your subscription as many times as you’d like.

Good point, it has always shown USD in the backend (even tho the prices were actually EUR, it showed the USD currency symbol) but we’ve had a go at it and should now show EUR instead of USD :slight_smile: unfortunately there is no easy way to change the “.” to “,” in the pricing.

Hey, I’m a consumer in the US and I was looking to manage some of my subscriptions. It looks like this hasn’t been rolled out for the US site yet. Any idea when that will be happening?

Also, since I need a purchase of $75 or more to qualify for free shipping, it’d be really helpful if there was a way to see what the total charge of the next subscription will be. I’m moving some stuff around - ordering fewer of the ones I drink less, more of the ones I like, and skipping some I have leftovers of - so I want to make sure I meet the minimum before my next subscription in under two weeks.

Hey @jhooda, welcome to the community! We are rolling it out in the US as soon as we have gathered enough data and know that the system is stable, this should be somewhere next week probably. Good point about the total price, we’ve been trying to get it to work but unfortunately we haven’t managed to get a workaround yet :frowning:

That’s good to hear, thanks!

Also, I don’t know if this is a US only issue, but when i look at previous orders, the prices seem to be reduced when looking at them. All off my plenny shakes are listed as $0.06 and my big bag is listed as $0.36.

Thank you, I will let our developers have a look at it


I think it is disaster I canceled one subscription because it. Now i’m struggling to create a new subscription but i have lost my discounts. The website is sllllllloooooooooooowwwwww. Does not update properly. for instance when i changed the date of one thing it still with the old date and i need to hit F5 to see updated order. I’m IT support with 10 year experience and also i have a basic knowledge of web development and in my opinion this is a poorly coded slow website.

Why do I have to click edit to go to a seprarate page for that. whyIi cant have everything in one table so I can change all dated at once? now i have to go to to every single item waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit untli it loads then make my changes click update click tpop up waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttttttt again for main subscription page to load, refres the page because it is not up to date (lol) and the repeat process for all items.

Congratulations you made ordering JimmyJoy a true pain in the a

Thank You


Thanks for the feedback @Michal! We’ll take a closer look at it and see what we can do about it !

Let us know if there’s anything else :slight_smile:

@Tim I know that I am a little bit late to the game but nevertheless: Did you remove the option to pause a subscription?

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Should still be there, but perhaps something is off. Could you please email us at love@jimmyjoy.com so we can take a look at it? If you could include a screenshot of what you see (and I guess DON’T see) that would be great. Thanks so much!